Monday, August 12, 2013

The Bible: An Essential for a Life of Significance

The Bible --- God's holy word.  Over the centuries, it has been a beacon of hope to the despairing.  It has offered grace to the broken.  It has convicted of sin, corrected aberrant behavior, encouraged the downtrodden, and instructed Christ-followers in how to become more like Jesus. 

The Bible --- God's holy word.  It is the sword of the Spirit, a lamp for the feet, the guide to eternal, abundant life, a love letter to the most unlovable.  It is God's story.  HIS story of His relationship to the crown of His creation, His jealousy for our affection, His grace and mercy towards sinners, His tenderness toward the weak and humble.  It is His story of the divine plan to provide THE Way for a frail and flawed humanity to be made acceptable to a holy, perfect, righteous God. 

The Bible --- God's holy word.  It is the story of Jesus, the only Son of the heavenly Father, Whose part in that divine plan was to live among us as one of us enduring every form of temptation and stress that we face and yet without sin.  It is the story of how, though He was perfectly sinless, He died a criminal's death and was raised from the dead and now sits at the right hand of God the Father to intercede for those of us who submit to Him and yet fail.  It is the story of how HIS righteousness is given to us at the moment that we submit and follow Him.  It is the story of how the Holy Spirit comes to live within His followers giving us guidance and strength and wisdom and courage that often defies conventional understanding.  It is the story of God's ultimate plan to deliver unto Himself a pure bride called the Church and how one day, that bride will be called to a great wedding feast in heaven where we will live in His presence for all eternity.  No more tears, no more sickness, no more suffering, no more drama, no more pain, no more sin!

It is the Bible, God's holy word.  Intellectuals, rulers and governments have tried to discredit and destroy it.  Yet, even when it has been burned and banned, its effects on the hearts and lives of millions who have hidden it in their hearts have kept it among the best sellers list for as long as there has been a best sellers list.  It is the Bible.  God's holy word.  The only book that no matter where or when you open it, the Author is always present, willing, and waiting for you to talk with Him about what's in it. 

Do you understand the Bible's importance, especially in the life of someone who identifies themselves as a Christian??  It is GOD'S HOLY WORD!  And that's why we must be diligent in pursuing it in our minds, our hearts, and our hands.  It is essential for eternal, abundant life.  It is our road map for maneuvering those inevitable delays, detours, and unexpected destinations that crop up in our life journey.  It is the Bible . . . His voice renewing our minds, purifying our hearts, and motivating us to reflect our heavenly Father in our thoughts, words, and actions. 

It is the Bible, God's Holy Word.  Hear it, Read it, Study it, Remember it, Meditate on it, and Apply it!  And He will change your life!

John 5:39-40;  John 8:31-32;  Romans 10:17; I Timothy 4:13; 2 Timothy 2:15; Psalm 119:11; I Peter 1:23-25;  Psalm 119:97;  James 1:22;  Ezra 7:10;  Deuteronomy 5:1;  John 17:17-19