Wednesday, December 7, 2011

God Winks

I headed to McDonald's for a lunch salad about 1:30.  I circled the restaurant twice, but then I suddenly had a craving for Wendy's.  Got my half-salad and a junior bacon cheeseburger (no mayo) and grabbed a table in the corner.  In the opposite corner sat a young woman.  No food or drink.  Just a cell phone and a look of panic.  When I had finished eating, we were the only two people in the dining area.  Our eyes locked and I motioned for her to come to my table.  As soon as she stood up, the tears began to flow.  "What's wrong?" I asked.  "I want to hurt myself," she replied.  Homeless, penniless, abandoned, and afraid, she had reached out to her father in another state.  He wouldn't have money to send for her for another week.  As I write this, she has benefited from the kindness of the ER staff and social workers at our local hospital AND will be Michigan bound in 12 hours. 
During one of our conversations, I told her about circling McDonald's.  "I just felt a tug toward Wendy's," I told her.  She responded, "I was praying that God would send someone to help me."  At that point in the story, Will said, "A God Wink!"  I'd never heard the term, but it seemed to fit.  I could imagine our loving God giving us all a wink and a smile as we realized that He had been working this out.  My encounter with this young woman wasn't a coincidence.  It was a God wink!  

The apostle Paul knew something about God winks.  In Philippians 2:13, he wrote "For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases Him."  (NLT)  After his conversion, he sat in a stranger's home, blind and broken.  Little did he know that during that time, God was instructing a man named Ananias to go to him to heal him of his blindness and baptize him as a believer.  It was a God wink.

Wherever you go, God is working around you.  At work, at school, or in your leisure activities, God will bring people across your path who need what you have to offer.  Like the Ethiopian eunuch and Phillip or Cornelius and Peter or Apollos and Aquila and Priscilla.  In essence, you become the hands, feet, lips, and heart of God for those in need.  But to engage the hands, feet, lips, and heart, you must also have His eyes.
So be on alert for those whom God sends your way.  You don't want to miss a wink!


  1. Wise words!! Praying my walk becomes one of very open eyes!!

  2. Zane, Acadia and I had that today.. but would have never thought to call it that.. Glad I stopped in and read it.. Gives new perspective on what I sometimes call "fate"..